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Mushrooms and berries

Finland is one the best locations to practice the “From farm to table” – ideology.

With wide forests and clean nature, you can find lots of products straight from the wilderness near you. For the mushrooms and berries you won`t need anything else that directions from us and guideline what mushrooms or berries are good to eat.

The season for mushrooms starts in late May and picks up and varies through the summer.

Most common eatable mushroom arechanterelle, Penny Bun, Trumpet chanterelle and false morel, the last one being very poisonous without double boiling and rinsing.

With berries, the midsummer in late June usually kicks off the season with blueberries and it will last until October when the last lingonberries get picked.

You can pick the berries and mushrooms off the property, if you don’t wish to go further out to find those jewels of the forest.

Note: Don`t ever pick a mushroom that you won`t recognize – that’s principal you should always follow.

Southern Konnevesi National Park

In Southern Konnevesi National Park, visitors can enjoy the wide-open waters of the lake in a boat, or canoe through a maze of islands among smooth glaciated rocks and vertical rock walls. In the clear water, you will be able to catch a glimpse of the depths that are the domain of the wild lake-run brown trout. Breathtaking contrasts characterize this national park. You can trek from herb-rich forests to high cliffs for a view over the magnificent landscape of the osprey.

Suitability: Ideal whether you want to enjoy a boat excursion or go by land. Parts of the terrain feature steep slopes. The Vuori-Kalaja area is accessible for assisted wheelchair users (300 m) and there is an accessible jetty on the Lapinsalo island.

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